Second male lead syndrome

Im just scared.

What if I am the female lead.. And i am actually disposing the one who sincerely likes me?

What if.

What if

I cant



NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Cassadee Pope - “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart”

When they’re so fucking sweet..


I am afraid that one day the only guy that likes me would finally found the gurl who’d deserve him.

I’m such a shithole. I am too young to think naively about love but.. but.. everyone’s running around with their loved ones.

I should stop this naaw

I hate how I am so guilty I feel ashamed to pray.

I mean seriously? What are you now? A clean freak? Someone who has OCD?

You can’t even clean up the fucking closet or remove your hair in the freaking whatever hole.

Oh, please. Make me stop ranting!

It is annoying how you have to keep quiet and say nothing to a person just because you owe them alot. It is so annoying I can hardly breathe and it makes me so damn guilty.

How can she be such a bitch and an angel at the same time.

So freaking annoying.

Fuck mood swings. I cannot cope!

All Time Low on Youtube (insp.)

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It’s funny how people who just knew you would expect you to change just because their your superior.

Shut it, it won’t happen.

Im highly annoyed right now and i just want to slap someone straight into the face and poke his fucking eyes